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Welcome to the Collective Intelligence Network! Over the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out articles, interviews, research summaries, and online conversations on how human groups can be wiser together. It’s an exciting time for collective intelligence, both in research and practice, and we’re thrilled to be able to cover all that’s going on in this rapidly developing field!

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Crowds, Groups and Swarms: Three Patterns of Collective Intelligence
The phrase “Collective Intelligence” is used in all sorts of ways. In this post we look at the varieties of collective intelligence in light of three common patterns that emerge from different sizes of collectives and types of communication among individuals.

Wisdom and Experience in Decentralized Organizations
Podcast with Loomio founder Richard Bartlett
Rich Barlett lives collective intelligence. He is a member of the Enspiral network, a groundbreaking entrepreneurial collective, co-founder of decentralized decision-making platform Loomio, and part of The Hum, a consultancy helping facilitate successful decentralized organizations around the world. In this interview we talk about what makes decentralized organizations work, the personal qualities needed for working in a non-hierarchical team, and the future of democratic collectives. Richard’s humble expertise and commitment are an inspiration!

Digital Decision-making Platform Roundup
A growing number of platforms offer organizations, businesses and governments tools to tap into the collective intelligence of groups large and small to come to more efficient, wiser, and more agreeable decisions. Many of them include innovative features that go beyond simply aggregating individual viewpoints. In this post we test out a few of the most promising platforms and overview their strengths and weaknesses.

And into the future…
Our vision for this site includes interactive, real-time conversations among topic experts from different domains related to collective intelligence. This could be you! If you have an idea for a conversation, article, interview subject, or other content, please drop us a line.

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