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Nora Bateson: Warm Data Labs, the Power of Context, and Why We Should Be Careful With Collective Intelligence

This podcast is a conversation with author, film-maker, and complex systems practitioner Nora Bateson. The most recent generation in a distinguished lineage of complexity pioneers, Nora has created a disarmingly uncomplicated process for allowing complexity to be experienced first-hand, human-to-human: the Warm Data Lab.

Held throughout the world in a myriad of contexts, Warm Data Labs are a unique mechanism for immersing participants in the breadth of contextual meaning and range of ways of looking at a social question or problem.

In this conversation we delve into the definition of Warm Data, the structure of Warm Data Labs and why and how they work, and why such trans-contextual information is vital if we are to respond honestly and well to the times we are living in.

Nora has a special combination of theoretical fluency and in-depth practical experience that brings a novel and very human perspective to familiar questions. (She also has stern warnings about the pitfalls of naively aiming for “collective intelligence” with insufficient context. Simplistic models of causation beware!)

More information about Nora Bateson’s work and Warm Data Labs can be found on the International Bateson Institute website.

Enjoy the conversation!

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